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GEO Repair San Bernardino

909-327-4185 – GEO Repair San Bernardino by Complete Transmission & Automotive Service provides you with the best diagnostic equipment and parts for any GEO model. With the most up to date equipment and scanners we will inspectgeo repair san bernardino 25 coupon ab transmission auto service tune ups brakes oil change diagnisis repair check all lighting Renew adjust spark plugs Compression checks Fuel injection diagnosis Air 909 327 4185 ~ GEO Repair San Bernardino your GEO and have you back on the road in no time. We offer a complimentary shuttle and will take you to or from your destination. If you just need a quick repair or oil change sit back in our friendly waiting area with a hot cup of coffee and cold refreshment. At we know getting your car repaired doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Call the leader in GEO repairs in San Bernardino at Complete Transmission & Automotive Service at 909-327-4185.

GEO Repair San Bernardino is your dealership auto repair alternative. No one likes to think about automotive repairs but when you are dealing with a repair center as qualified as the Complete Transmission & Automotive Service at 909-327-4185 you’ll look forward to keeping your vehicle in top condition. With over 62 years of experience our team provides outstanding diagnostic and repair services and have the best attitude in the industry! There is nothing nicer than talking to a highly trained ASE Certified Technician that is friendly and really understands what you and your GEO need. GEO Repair & Service San Bernardino. Come in today and if you’re a first time customer you will receive $25 off your first repair at Complete Transmission & Automotive Service at 909-327-4185.

GEO Service San Bernardino

At GEO Service San Bernardino by Complete Transmission & Automotive Service we guarantee fast and reliable repairs and give you a comfortable well equipped waiting area with free refreshments and hot coffee. Whether you come in for a tune-up or alignment we offer flexible hours Monday – Friday, 7am – 4pm. It is a well-known fact that people want to work with a team that treats them with respect and courtesy. At Complete Transmission & Automotive Service we have a reputation for providing superior customer service and have been in business since 1948. When you come to the repair center with a heart you’ll get treated like a king (or queen). GEO Service San Bernardino provides free towing for major repairs and service. Call Complete Transmission & Automotive Service today at 909-327-4185  when you need to be picked up by our courtesy shuttle. $25 off first visit!

GEO Service & Repair San Bernardino. GEO was a brand of small cars and SUVs introduced by GM as competition for the increasing small import market of the late 1980s. The last model of the GEO line was the Tracker a sporty little vehicle that was part car, part truck. At Complete Transmission & Automotive Service we have been providing quality service and repairs since 1948 including all Domestic vehicles late model GEOs. A trusted member of the community we are centrally located and close to major freeways. When you are in the San Bernardino area you can’t go wrong with the friendly staff at the happiest repair center around. When you are ready to experience a new level of automotive service, call Complete Transmission & Automotive Service at 909-327-4185. GEO Service San Bernardino is your one stop shop for all your automotive services and repairs.