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Chevy Repair Loma Linda

909-327-4185 ~ Chevy Repair Loma Linda. Expert Car Repairs. We have the top repair team in Loma Linda. Never settle for second best when you can work with number one! Open 6 days a week, we have a free shuttle so you can keep moving while your vehicle is parked. There is nothing more frustrating than missing an important meeting because you are waiting for your Chevy to be repaired. We will have you in and out in no time. Our ASE Master Technicians work like a well-oiled machine to ensure you receive the finest repairs in record time. If you are a first time customer enjoy $25 off your first repair. Chevy Repair Loma Linda is a AAA auto approved facility and will be backed by a 2 Year ~ 24,000 Mile Warranty. 909-327-4185 ~ Don’t wait to call the experts at Chevy Repair Loma Linda!

909-327-4185 ~ Chevy Repair Loma Linda by Complete Transmission & Automotive Service today and let us set you up on a regular maintenance schedule. We understand you love your car and we will treat it and you, like one of the family! Our Certified Technicians take repairing and servicing your cars seriously. Chevy is an American classic and we will work on your classic Corvette in the premier repair facility in Loma Linda. Whether you need a tune-up or new brakes we have you covered and will keep you crusin’ down the California highway. We proudly serve the residents of: San Bernardino, Rialto, Fontana, Colton, Loma Linda, Redlands, HighLand, Inland Empire, Grand Terrance, Victorville and surrounding cities. Bring your vehicle to Chevy Repair Loma Linda by Complete Transmission & Automotive Services at 909-327-4185 when you are ready to have the top professionals in the field work on your baby!

Chevy Service Loma Linda

909-327-4185 ~ Chevy Service Repair Loma Linda. Next time you are in Loma Linda and need auto service or repairs call the specialists at Complete Transmission & Automotive Service at 909-327-4185. In business since 1948 we specialize in Chevy repairs. With gas prices through the roof you need your Suburban or Silverado running smoothly to receive maximum gas mileage. Chevy Service Repair Loma Linda will make sure your filters and fluids are clean and topped off. Our ASE trained technicians are available 5 days a week and provide a 2 Year ~ 24,000 Mile Warranty on repairs. In addition to receiving expert car repairs you will work with some of the most compassionate people in the industry! They understand getting vehicle repairs is stressful and go above and beyond to ensure you have the most pleasant experience possible. Our family friendly guest waiting area offers free beverages and coffee. Call the Chevy Service Repair Loma Linda team by Complete Transmission & Automotive Service at 909-327-4185 today when you are ready to experience what “real” expert car service feels like!

909-327-4185 ~ Chevy Service Repair Loma Linda. Owning a Chevy means you own a piece of America. Whether you drive a heavy-duty Silverado truck or popular Impala Sedan the Chevy service auto experts in Loma Linda at Complete Transmission & Automotive Services will provide you with comprehensive vehicle repairs and service. Don’t short change yourself by having your repairs done at an impersonal repair center; second best just isn’t good enough for you or your car! We specialize in Chevy repairs and will diagnose your vehicle using top of the line equipment. You can count on our Master Technicians to make your repairs using the best parts in town. We service the following zip code areas: 92401, 92402, 92403, 92404, 92405, 92406, 92407, 92408, 92410, 92411, 92412, 92413, 92414, 92415, 92418, 92423, 92424, 92427, 92376, 92377, 92334, 92335, 92336, 92337, 92313, 92324, 92350, 92354, 92357, 92373, 92374, 92375, 92346, 92401, 92402, 92403, 92404, 92405, 92406, 92407, 92408, 92410, 92411, 92412, 92413, 92414, 92415, 92418, 92423, 92424, 92427, 92501, 92502, 92503, 92504, 92505, 92506, 92507, 92508, 92509, 92513, 92514, 92515, 92516, 92517, 92518, 92519, 92521, 92522, 92313, 92324, 92392, 92393, 92394, 92395 and surrounding areas. What are you waiting for? Call Chevy Service Loma Linda by Complete Transmissions & Automotive Service at 909-327-4185 for all your repair needs in Loma Linda. $25 off first visit!